Cleansing crystals

Crystals absorb negative energy. That way they keep you positive, but that also means that they have to be discharged or cleansed once in a while so that they keep working. One crystal absorbs more energy than the other. For example, tourmaline is a stone that absorbs a lot of energy. The cleansing of your crystals is necessary about once a month, but you can do it more often if needed. There are a few ways to cleanse your crystals:

  • The earth: you can bury your crystal in the ground so it can release its energy into the earth. Leave your crystal in the ground for 24 hours and dig it back up. Keep in mind that this method isn't great for all crystals, for example for crystals that can't go in water. Also keep in mind that it is very difficult to clean a cluster or geode after you've dug it up! And of course, don't forget where you've buried your crystal. ;)
  • Water: by rinsing your crystal for 5 minutes under running water, you wash away the energies you want to get rid of. If you do this under the tap, you'll waste a lot of water, but it can also be done outside in a stream or river. But be aware that there are a lot of crystals that can't go in water. Most crystals that aren't very water resistant can go in water for short periods of time, but the water can cause damage to the stone.
  • Smoke: you can also cleanse your crystals by burning incense or cleansing herbs like sage or rosemary.
  • Charge/discharge set: a charge/discharge set contains an abalone shell, clear quartz chips and hematite chips. Hematite is perfect for discharging crystals. Put the hematite chips in the shell and put the crystal you want to discharge on top of that. Leave it like this overnight, and your crystal will be discharged of unwanted energies by the next morning! The same goes for charging crystals, you do this with the clear quartz chips.
  • Selenite: selenite is a crystal that is perfect for cleansing and charging other crystals. Selenite discs and bowls exist especially for this purpose.

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