Crystals and the seasons

Each crystal has its own character. For example, some crystals provide energy and warmth, something you can use in the dark winter months. And other crystals are grounding and represent growth and renewal, which can connect you with spring. In short, every season has crystals that suit it well, from crystals that help you through the winter to crystals that challenge you to take on new adventures in the summer. If you want to feel more connected to the seasons, working with these crystals is a good idea. :)

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Green aventurine

Green aventurine is also called the 'stone of opportunity'. It represents abundance and growth. Green aventurine reminds you to stay open to new opportunities, always look for the magic in life and chase your dreams. In spring, nature is full of new beginnings, and green aventurine encourages you to start anew as well if necessary. That can bring positive changes in your life!

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Rose quartz

The ice that melts and makes room for new growth, the rising temperature and the hard winter that slowly changes into the soft spring: that is exactly the feeling that rose quartz gives you. Rose quartz represents love, friendship, passion, harmony and self-care. Rose quartz helps you let go of things from the past and allows you to accept yourself for who you are.

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Moss agate

Moss agate connects you to the earth, which is just starting to wake up again after the winter. Just like the moss that comes out from under the snow, moss agate helps you regain your strength and belief in yourself. The gentle, nourishing energy of the crystal has a grounding and calming effect, provides refreshment and stability and attracts success.

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The crystal of spring, and the birthstone of the month of May. Emerald connects you with nature. The crystal provides resilience, satisfaction and gives more pleasure in life. Emerald represents faithfulness and unconditional love, strengthens relationships and friendships and attracts harmony and abundance.

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Unakite is a grounding crystal that provides a sense of unity, compassion and peace. Unakite represents transformation and feeling reborn, which fits well with spring. The crystal provides insight into the causes of problems, so that blockages can be cleared and you can continue to grow again. It turns negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

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Ocean jasper

Ocean jasper is a grounding crystal with a gentle energy that gives you a feeling of comfort and safety. It represents happiness and the good things in life. It allows energy to flow and makes you more creative. It is a calming and relaxing crystal. Ocean jasper helps you to fully enjoy the summer!

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The name aquamarine comes from Latin and means 'sea water'. The crystal gives the feeling of cool water and a soft sea breeze. Perfect to cool off in the hot summer! Aquamarine helps you to live in the moment, gently taking you along to the natural rhythm of the sea. It helps you to be able to tolerate more and to better control feelings such as irritation and anger.

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Tiger's eye

Tiger's eye is a protective crystal that represents strength and courage. It stimulates your creativity and encourages you to try new things. Tiger's eye strengthens your self-confidence and helps you overcome fears. It gives you that little push to step out of your comfort zone, which can help you start a new project or help with outdoor activities in the summer.

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The color of this crystal alone reminds you of the sea and the shade you find under a palm tree on a tropical beach. Amazonite has cooling properties that can be useful in the hot summer months. It brings peace and has a calming effect, and balances your mind and intuition. This way you can enjoy your summer in peace!

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Moonstone is a soothing and calming crystal that symbolizes hope and new beginnings. The crystal strengthens your intuition and promotes inner growth and strength. Moonstone helps you see possibilities that you might not normally see. This gives you a lot of creative energy and fun ideas all season long!

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As the days get shorter, you can use some carnelian if you need help getting moving on cold, dark mornings. With the color of beautiful autumn leaves, carnelian gives you motivation, creativity and positivity. The crystal protects against negativity and is very good at clearing unpleasant emotions.

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Smoky quartz

Autumn is a time when we seek stability amid uncertainty. During this time of change, the energy of smoky quartz keeps you grounded as the crystal provides a sense of balance and security. Smoky quartz is a grounding crystal that works against stress and helps you relax, let go and accept.

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Like smoky quartz, hematite is a grounding crystal. Hematite promotes balance, a quality that can be very useful when it feels like the world around you is changing, just like the leaves in autumn. Hematite gives self-confidence, reduces worries and stress and is very good at absorbing these negative energies.

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Autumn is a time of reflection and letting go, and obsidian can help you with this. Obsidian is a powerful crystal that brings out the truth and helps you see suppressed emotions or feelings. It shows you your true self - the good and bad parts - and helps you accept yourself. Obsidian removes negativity from yourself and your environment.

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Another crystal that helps you reflect and let go is amethyst. Amethyst is a protective crystal that provides peace and tranquility. The stone helps against worrying, calms unpleasant thoughts and helps you let them go. Amethyst helps you to look at yourself without judgement. It improves your self-insight and stimulates the growth of your intuition.

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The name alone says it all! Sunstone has a very sunny energy that can help you through the winter blues or seasonal depression. It is a positive crystal that gives you a good mood and increases your self-esteem when you are having a hard time. Until the sun starts shining again, sunstone is a good substitute. Perfect for the dark and cold winter months!

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Clear quartz

Clear quartz always reminds me of snow and ice; it looks just like frozen water. Clear quartz is a crystal that you can use for any purpose and is very easy to program. As a result, this crystal will help you achieve your goal, regardless of what that goal is. A perfect crystal to work with when you make resolutions and set goals for the new year.

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Another crystal that can help you with your New Year's resolutions and goals is citrine. It is the perfect crystal for manifesting success and abundance, so if your goals have to do with that, citrine is the crystal for you. The crystal provides warmth, motivation and energy, and its sunny energy can help you through the winter.

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If there seems to be no end to the cold and dreary weather, garnet is the stone for you. Garnet gives energy, self-confidence, willpower, hope, optimism and courage. If you find it difficult to do something with passion in the winter, garnet can help you with that. It is the stone of love, trust and devotion. Garnet is also the birthstone of the month of January.

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Like clear quartz, selenite also looks almost like ice. It is not without reason that selenite towers are also called selenite "icebergs". This crystal shows us that there is always light, even in the darkest periods. Selenite is a purifying and healing crystal, and is very good at clearing old energies. It provides peace and balance.

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